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Looking for a Secretary for your Organisation or Committee?

 – But no-one wants to take the Minutes!

We have the solution for you!



We provide you with a virtual minute-taker who is an Australian rural woman. They will produce accurate minutes of your meeting and send them out to your chairperson for review within one week of the meeting date. 



Our minute service is professional and reliable with a fast turnaround time. We will setup a template for your organisation to meet governance requirements and your minutes will always have a consistent look. 



The cost of minutes is an hourly rate of $60 + GST. Time will be charged for attending the meeting and time required for any revisions afterwards.



This service will be beneficial for any committee, organisation or group who are prepared to setup an online meeting room (e.g. Zoom).

We attend the meeting online and record the minutes.


The Benefit

Having great minutes for your meetings means that you will have great meetings. You can get to the point, make good decisions and create ambitious pathways forward for your group. The importance of good minute-taking for your governance requirements cannot be underestimated.


Other Corporate Governance Services

We can also support you with other aspects of your group’s governance including:

  • Sending out next-meeting date notifications and reminder emails

  • Sending out calendar invitations that will go directly into Outlook or Google calendars

  • Any promotional materials for events your organisation wants to hold

  • Online ticketing and event booking and promotion of events

  • Anything else, just ask us.

Do you want to download an information sheet to present to your organisation?

My VA was excellent in taking minutes for our organisation. She was accurate and completed the minutes very quickly. This was a huge help for our organisation.