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Hello! I'm Vivian Evans, based in Coonabarabran and the founder and manager of Dark Sky Innovations. An educator of 30 years, a rurally based business woman since 2002 with extensive experience in the virtual world for over 20 years.

I am a recognised innovator who has a passion for enabling rural communities to connect, collaborate, innovate and THRIVE.

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My business hub is where a focus is on Virtual GooseChasing - Think gigantic scavenger hunts crossed with the Amazing Race using your mobile device and you are coming close to an amazing concept we facilitate to connect tourists to the gems in rural communities and festival goers to fully engage with festival events, locations and other festival goers.

The Dark Sky Innovations Hub also hosts a 'Hot Desk' and real meeting space in the heart of Coonabarabran's CBD.

I host THE Lunch each month on The Rural Woman Community - a Founding member and a Life Member of this aweome Rural Women's community.

I'm delighted to be here in this community as a provider of services and the seeker of services to support my busine and my team within Dark Sky Innovations.

Cheers Vivian Evans

Vivian Evans
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